GODS TIER, created by Dario Smith Jr as a bridge between storytelling and fashion to provide an experience and meaning behind each piece. The crossroads between an athletic take on luxury and cozy elements.

The brand is focused on your journey to gods tier and follows you throughout the process up until that point. Each collection theme is a step in that process and defines each stage as what most people go through. I want you to become the best version of you by following the journey to gods tier. Along with each theme collection, we create a physical world for that theme so you can immerse yourself in the journey.

I started this brand as a way to find the medium and fill the gap between overpriced luxury and fast fashion. There’s no reason you should be spending 1000s on an upscale wardrobe so I’m here to give you more for less. But just because you're not spending $1000 doesn't mean this isn't going to be the best pieces in your closet.