GODS TIER, created by Dario Smith Jr as a bridge between storytelling and fashion to provide an experience and meaning behind each piece. The crossroads between an athletic take on luxury and cozy elements.

With no formal fashion experience, I started this brand as a way to find the medium and fill the gap between overpriced luxury and fast fashion. There’s no reason you should be spending 1000s on an upscale wardrobe so I’m here to give you more for less. What’s important is to focus on your journey and to dress like a millionaire while you’re working on becoming one, but you also don’t need to spend like one.

 The brand is built on experiential design and the idea that the process is just as important, if not more, than the final product. Highlighting the importance of traditional retail in a time of social distancing, Gods Tier tries to reach an emotional level past that of a retail store experience. The meaning behind the brand is focusing on each step of the way. Transparency is where the value of the brand is understood and appreciated. Gods Tier makes it a point to produce the highest quality cut and sewn pieces utilizing luxury fabrics and trims, built for comfort and utility. Straying away from over-saturating fashion with meaningless garments.