I took the popularity of thrifting to the next level and went directly to taking pieces from my closet, in the same idea of continuing the life cycle of the garments as well as showing the quality and timelessness of the pieces.

I wanted to create a space that felt like a closet/wardrobe and give the feeling like you were picking pieces from that wardrobe and continuing the cycle of the clothes in the same way I did by reworking vintage pieces, while also showing the quality of the pieces and it’s ability to withstand years of wear. Creating the feeling of finding a grail was essential to the emotion of this collection.

The “donation form” was created as a way to pass on these pieces to the next person and continue the life cycle and feeling of community so that each piece feels a little more personal to its owner. 

While in Chicago, we made the idea come to life by having an impromptu fashion show in downtown on North Michigan Ave, and if you're unfamiliar with Chicago, that's the busiest street in the city. We had no permits, prior permission, or clearance but by moving fast enough, we were able to escape cops that were looking for whoever was in charge.

Right after, we held a rooftop pop up where we sold those same runway pieces, and thanks to you guys for all the love, it turned out amazing!